Jan 17, 2011


Hi Friends

I am Nagesh, living in Pune India with my friends. I got fascinated with computers when I was 18.

When I even didn’t have a computer at my home, a computer was a real envy. Then came the summer and I had just completed 10+2. There were advertisements floating around about summer computer courses. I chose career Edge from a coaching centre(NIIT).

I was not worried about whether it was a package or a language or whatever. I just wanted to access a computer. My dad happily paid for my journey. During that time, Windows XP was released October 25, 2001  . The paint program is still fresh in my memories. Next summer it was Html and C. Then CPP.

I studied Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry in college. Then I did post graduation (MCA). Then I bought a computer, a 1.5 gigahertz (GHz) P4 speed and 512 MB RAM, 80GB HD.

Then I went  on to complete as a Developer  in Software Programming. Then I joined a startup as a java program trainer. I am pretty comfortable with programming using Java with more than 5 years of programming experience. Its nostalgic, writing java from JDK 1.5. I recently build this website.

Mr. Nagesh